Fees and Appointments

Standard Rates
      • 55 minute session: $120 ($115 if paying with cash/check)
      • 90 minute session: $170 ($165 if paying with cash/check)
      • Package of first 4 sessions may be purchased for a 10% discount

Reduced Rates
We offer a sliding scale for clients based on financial need. We do not want money to stand in the way from someone receiving therapeutic services. We are willing to work with your financial situation.

Check with your health insurance provider about mental health coverage. Please understand that there are certain risks associated with using health insurance to pay for psychotherapy. A main risk is that most insurance companies require a diagnosis which may not be kept confidential from employers and other insurance plans. Though we do not bill insurance providers directly, we provide a reimbursement form which can be submitted to your insurance company. Check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:

      • Does my insurance provider or employee benefit plan cover mental health?
      • Do I have a deductible and has it been met?
      • What is the number of sessions per year that are covered and what percentage of each session is covered?
      • Must I receive approval or a referral from my primary care physician?
      • Is a diagnosis required?

visa_mastercard We accept cash, check or major credit cards. Payment is due at time of session unless a package of multiple sessions has been purchased (see "Rates" above).

Phone Interviews
Successful psychotherapy relies on a high degree of compatibility and trust between the client and therapist. We offer phone interviews at no cost in order for you to find a therapist who will be a good fit for you.